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Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jack H Barnes, and I am a retired hedge fund portfolio manager. In 2008, my two hedge funds returned audited positive double digit returns.  It wasn’t easy, and I was reaching burned out from the long hours. I decided to exited stage left in early 2009 to take a nice long sabbatical. That sabbatical has become permanent, when I decided to not return.

I have had the pleasure of working in some of the largest money management shops in the world, I have also enjoyed starting my own small hedge fund. Today, I live on the Oregon wild river coast.  I am writing from the proverbial beach these days and trade my personal family funds.

This blog is going to be dedicated to hosting my thoughts about the global economy.  I was a hedge fund manager for 5 years or so, and during that time one of the aspects that I enjoyed the most, was writing a long letter to my investors.  It gave me a chance to put down on paper some of the thoughts that we were verbalizing in the day to day aspects of running our business.

When I retired, I took a year off.  I returned to my family and found that my kids had seriously grown up while I was focused on staying on top of the worlds breaking economic news 18 hours per day.  It was during that year, that I realized I really missed writing that monthly letter to my investors.

This blog is going to host a series of articles that I write, both for Money Morning, but also for here specifically.  I will be digging out those old letters to our investors, and publishing them on a dedicated page here.  I will also be aggregating, linking and republishing any of my new work here.

I want to welcome you, my readers, to this blog.

Warmest Regards,

Jack H Barnes Jr.