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I have been and continue to be a long term silver bull.  I own physical silver.  As a kid, in the early 1980’s I was tasked with hauling silver out of a vault.  I remember how shiny the 100 oz bricks where.  While my Grandmother was getting ready to sell her horde at the time, I always remember those bricks.

In the current move up in the price of Silver, a friend of mine and I arrived at what I thought was a great deal at the time.  I traded him a brick I had in inventory, for a used bronco 4×4 he had bought brand new 17 years ago.  Silver had just cracked the $21 dollar range and I was thinking it was due for a pull back.  I had expected silver to return to the $18 per oz range where I would have replaced the brick at.

This is all said in context of my friend letting me know how much he was enjoying our trade.  Meanwhile, I should have just paid cash, this trade is now costing me an ever increasing sum.  or at least it feels that way.

I feel like “Golum” when he misplaced his Precious…

Tonight, Silver trades at $29.65 and I would not be shocked if it is trading north of $30 per oz when I wake up in the morning.