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It appears that South Korea has gone retard, and decided to raise the stakes with their crazy neighbors in North Korea.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea announced land and sea military exercises on Wednesday including its largest-ever live-fire drill near North Korea in a big show of force just as tension on the peninsula was easing after Pyongyang’s attack on a southern island. The land drill, involving artillery, fighter jets and the largest number of personnel in a peace-time exercise, will take place on Thursday, after the South’s live-fire artillery exercise on Monday on the island of Yeonpyeong, and is bound to infuriate the North. South Korea is also holding three days of live-firing drills off the peninsula’s east coast starting on Wednesday, a media official at the Defense Ministry said.


Now don’t get me wrong, South Korea has the right to defend itself but I don’t understand this one.  South Korea has been taking it on the Chin for 9 months or so lately, and almost to the day when things start to cool down they announce endless war games.

This is all with Crazy Uncle Kim even saying he was going to let the latest events pass.  It sure seems like South Korea is doing everything possible to start an honest shooting war by Xmas…

May you live in interesting times…