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UPDATE:  With in hours of hitting publish, one of the core choices of the 2011 list announced it was being bought out.  TOD will not be on the list below, once its finalized for 2011.

We are entering that lazy week or so, where every trader, X trader and or wannabe pundit makes up a list of stocks for the next year. In some cases it will be their picks or their pans.

So, since I am all three of those categories in some form or fashion, how could I be any different?  So, with out further adu, here is the working list of stocks to watch in the next year.  I will be doing a follow up to this post after market close End of Year, to announce the finished line up of stocks.  If you have any suggestions before than, send them into me.

I have written about some of these already, by placing them in the Buy Sell Hold portfolio at www.moneymorning.com, a weekly column I write for Bill Patalon the executive editor and published on Mondays.  I have linked these articles up to the list.

I also have some new ideas, unpublished that I will be adding to the list next week.

Organic Growth










Income Stocks (High Dividends that make great covered call machines)



Cash Cows (Can Raise Dividends)



I will be looking for some good shorts for the next year to add to this list next week.  I would love to find some good Euro Trash banks or equivalents that will get nuked in Euro version of the collapse of the C.C.C.P. at the end of the cold war. The Euro could break par with the Dollar, unless China steps in and starts to bid up lots of Euro junk. Which, in my opinion the European Union is setting itself up for.

My list of Black, Grey & White swans includes the Euro both adding and loosing members at the same time.  I expect that the Euro experiment as we know it, will be significantly different by the End of 2011.