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I was reading Ed Hugh today, and a comment he made about Spanish data caught my eye.  The EU 27 is no longer reporting Spain in this data series, but it appears they are keeping the title as EU27.  Nice way to toss out the flier and keep the pretty picture in tune with the story your pushing.

From Eurostat:

Eurostat is not publishing seasonally adjusted (both monthly and quarterly) series for Spain until further notice, due to the volatility of their current working day adjusted data series.

I believe this is a great example of how far down the rabbit hole the EU experiment has traveled.  They are now ignoring reality, because it would mess up their version of what they want people to believe is happening.  They can not fake the data out of Spain anymore, so now its time to focus on ignoring its existence.

I think its time to start a pool on when the EU blow ups by.  I am taking April 1st, as the end of the EU as we know it date.  They cant last long, if they are now removing data from their blended time series.  Spain’s version of a Sovereign Bond crisis is probably less than a month away.

HT Edward Hugh