Denmark, the mighty lion of Europe, has decided to introduce custom checks at its borders again.  While this is definitely a page 16 story in the old world of print newspaper’s, it is a harbinger of the future of Europe.

“We have reached agreement on reintroducing customs inspections at Denmark’s borders as soon as possible,” Hjort Frederiksen told reporters.

The new controls will enter into force within two to three weeks, he said.

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The last 60 years has seen a series of steps taken to merge Europe into a united states of Europe.  The ability for commerce & citizens to flow across borders was a core step in the unification process already taken.

“I see a lot of drama in the European press but I am going to state things like they are,” Pind said, insisting that the Schengen open borders agreement permitted such actions.

“I think that when this model is studied carefully, everyone will see that it is, if I may quote Shakespeare, much ado about nothing,” he said.

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The government of Denmark, by seeking to stop the flow of intra euro traffic is pointing to the very ugly reality that is developing in the old world. A rise in far right politics is starting to alarm the bureaucrats in Brussels.

A return of Nationalism over Federalism is on the rise again. The very fabric of the European experiment is being “temporary” unwound. The steps for individual state rights are being addressed. Mechanisms for unwinding the Euro experiment are showing up in EU based talks now.

Italy & France are already pushing for these types of solutions to illegal immigrants.  The surface story is that the inspections will slow down or stop illegal immigration and organized crime.  What is happening is that the ground works for national controls are being put back into place as the reality of what Europe faces in the way of financial issues becomes clear.

Finland & now Denmark have taken actions lately, that will help push the PIGs out of the Union.  The demand by Finland for hard collateral will push the Greeks towards the doors.

The famous Greek pride will not allow them to give up the national assets to borrow money in a currency that may not exist as it does in a few years.  These new actions on border controls speak towards an obvious restructuring in the Euro land coming, probably sooner rather than later.

“This is not about finding ways for member states to reintroduce border controls,” European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso told the European Parliament on Tuesday.

“I firmly believe that to do so would catastrophically undermine not just what Europe has constructed over the last 61 years, but to sabotage the viability of our efforts to build a prosperous and integrated Europe for the future,” he said.

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So far two of the northern block have taken action in a very short period of time, when we see Sweden take a nationalistic action, we will know that that something is happening below the surface in Europe.

The debt based Sovereign crisis is showing every sign of morphing into a European Union sovereignty crisis.  It is time to watch Europe for serious capital flows out, or at the least too the independent minded states. Change is being exported around the world, even in Europe.

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