I was wrong. I made a mistake. I was the idiot on the internet who was wrong.

I moved the rate of return on a trade in the wrong direction, on a phone conversation, with out putting the block’s of numbers to paper/screen, making a mistake that caused the return to be 2 factors faster then correct. Ya, FACTORS.

I would love to share *why* the mistake was not my fault, but it honestly was of my own creation. I was doing quick math in my head, and moved the decimal in the wrong direction. Compounding the mistake. I have felt embarrassed, as I get how stupid I look.

We are all human, sometimes its not as easy as it appears. Sometimes we make mistakes, because we are humans. I have, and did..

I learn from my mistakes. I wont make that one again. I was wrong, and I apologize to any one who understands the math behind the trade. I blew it.

Humble Pie and Cold Crow has been eaten,

Jack H Barnes Jr.