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Author’s Note:

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Over these last 18 months, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of writing the “Buy, Sell or Hold” column for Money Morning courtesy of Mike Ward and Bill Patalon, Publisher and Executive Editor respectively. From the first column, Mike and Bill gave me carte blanche to write what I thought, when I thought it. Such freedom is rare, and I believe it contributed to the column’s success.

My love of writing about markets, I’ve recently admitted to myself, no longer outweighs my love for markets. Hell, my first investment was charging my kid sister interest on her allowance! I’ve had enough of looking at real waves – I’m getting back in the financial ocean with them.

Today, I’m proud to announce JHB Capital LLC will be opening for business. I’m getting relicensed so I can provide Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) to investors again.

If you are interested in my services in the future drop me a line at info@jackhbarnes.com and I will get in touch.

Unfortunately for Money Morning “Buy, Sell or Hold” readers, there is no way I can legally continue writing the column and will sincerely miss doing so. The gracious team I’ve worked with agreed to release me from my contract at the end of March, so I can focus on clients’ expectations again.

Again, thank you to Mike and Bill for the opportunity. Thank you also to loyal readers, who I hope continue reading what I’ll be publishing here and interacting with me in the future. You’ve given me more than you’ll ever know.

Every place to stop is also a place to start.  Another trip begins.  I hope you’ll join me.