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This is a quick note to say, I am alive and well and not being held hostage in an exotic land. I have, however, been working on the development of the pair trade technology for months now.

During this summer, I referred to it as Mod C, or Model C. As the technology developed with the amazing help & now partnership of Shiv Kapoor, the project has changed, morphed and developed into a product I am proud to have my name associated with.

First there was Fundamental Analysis, then there was Technical Analysis, we have combined them and now use Quantitative Analysis to evaluate each equity trading in the US Markets. US & ADR’s.

Please swing by www.dydd.org, to check out what the technology now offers. In a nutshell, we have built a neuronet model that uses 15 sub whole market models, to build a concession.

We are taking 38 of the factors discussed earlier, and generating an opinion based on 5 strategies. Those 5 strategies are then evaluated at the Industry level, the Sector level or the Whole Market level.

In simple terms, we have 15 models x 38 daily factors x 6000+ stocks to evaluate each time we run our calcs. If you have a spare moment, please drop by www.dydd.org and plug in some symbols at the home page on the quick quote, or check out our tools online at the NeuroNet link, or if you want to play with the technology, log into the site and download our software available for beta testing.