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The one aspect of life that never changes is that everything always changes in life. It is just a matter of when and how much. It’s been a while since I updated this blog and Superbowl Sunday is as good of day as any else to sit down and put some thoughts to the digital ink page while we wait for the big game to start.

I have been on twitter and writing a personal blog for a couple of years now. It started as an outlet for my boredom while we lived at the beach. I threw myself into the idea of finding and making connections with people of like tastes on social media.

The reality is that Social Media exposes you to both the good and bad sides of humanity. I have been both lucky to make amazing new friends like Shiv Kapoor and unfortunately I have had my own mini catfish event from someone I thought was a friend but was more likely an intellectual vampire.

It doesn’t change the reality that life is about changing, and accepting that it changes. While I no longer live at the Oregon beach, and have in fact returned to warmer climates in California, I still look back and remember that period of time at the beach with fondness.

At the time, I was writing a weekly column for www.moneymorning.com called Buy Sell Hold. I really enjoyed that period of time, as they allowed me to give a personal rating on any stock, without regard to how their other guru’s were opining at the time. I had some good calls like selling HPQ up around $40ish and some real turkeys like buying SD after their panned GOM purchase.

This was a year ago, as I ended my tour there, and started to launch JHB Capital from  Molalla Oregon, the epicenter of Big Foot Sightings, in Oregon. I should have known this wasn’t a good sign at the time. My wife and I were lucky to escape that city.

While JHB Cap has not paid off in short term monetary gains one always hopes happens with a new project, it has opened doors unseen a year ago. Sometimes changes are for the better, but we just don’t realize it yet.

In the course the last year, I have met and made friends with a mix of people from social media. I have some bumps along the way, which ironically, is how life prepares us for our future.

Today, I have a neuronet like quant engine with 15 sub whole market models inside of it now called AOM (Alpha Omega Mathematica) which is still slowly developing into an interesting product.

The most obvious outtake of the model is that it makes a great point in time valuation score, which would naturally fit with independent brokers/advisers/CPA types who need an honest unbiased opinion in a stock for clients. AOM is perfect for alerting advisers with a morning update of each clients specific stock rankings, and if they have hit a predetermined score price.

I have been working on a new blog location to share financial thoughts, where a group of us now post at with a url of www.dydd.org

DYDD (Doing Your Due Diligence) is a transparent thought bomb location. Please consider joining us there for a quick read on the daily events from around the world

I asked my writers & editors to share their quick ideas there. If they decide they want to write up a long in-depth post, that is great, but what I want is short original thoughts for the blog. Later, we will launch an e Magazine with the editors longer thoughts in a monthly PDF format.

Its surprising how quickly the idea and project has come together. We now get about 500 daily visitor and 1,500 daily page views after two weeks of being public.

I will be changing more than just my personal by line from Macro Contrarian to Hedging Risk with this post. While I loved this era of Macro Contrarianism, I believe it’s time for Rodin’s thinker to stand up and do something else. In the coming days, look for a new Avatar to grace my twitter handle.

The first part of that, is releasing my partnership letters from my hedge fund days. When Jay & I had a falling out with the original primary founder of our shop, we launched DYDD Capital LLC out of the ashes that were Fresco Capital’s stillborn launch.

The Altissimo Fund LP was launched on July 2004, by DYDD Capital LLC a start up HF operation with zero experience running a fund. We had a passion for the markets, and a focus only youth can provide.

The eBook covers the 56 months between my first and last letters to my investors at DYDD Capital between July 04 and March 09. When i left for a sabbatical that turned into a retirement at the beach.

One could say this book is the education of a Portfolio Manager. In the beginning, each monthly letter was short and focused on our holdings. In time, the monthly letters grow in size and depth, but lose the resolution of our current holdings. They started to focus on the big picture of the global economy and the implications of what we saw was coming.

Hedging Risk: The Altissimo Letters is the title of my eBook that will be released  via DYDD Publishing, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook early next week. It’s over 125,000 words & covers 300+ pages (as of last edit).

I hope you enjoy reading it nearly as much as I enjoyed producing it for you. While changes happen regularly, its always good to stop every now and then, look around, and realize how blessed we are.

In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to introducing you to additional eBooks & an eMagazine from the Editors of www.DYDD.org

Best Wishes,