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I am proud to announce the launch of www.DYDDPublishing.com and its first eBook for sale. I am a bit bias, but I honestly hope you will enjoy this book.

Hedging Risk: The Altissimo Letters is a compilation of 56 monthly partnership letters sent to partners in the Altissimo Fund LP between July 2004 and February 2009. The book is over 330 pages and weighs in at 125,000 plus words.

“If you want a unique and intimate look inside the mind of a fund manager, this book is in your wheelhouse” @SellPuts

During the period in question, the stock market returned a negative 5% per year on average while the Altissimo fund returned a positive 11% compounded per year.

This book gives you a view into the thoughts and actions of a small start up hedge fund shop during the period leading up to the crash in the markets of 2008.