I have lived a number of places during my life, from Butzbach Germany, to Gold Beach Oregon.

To me, Life is a series of moments. Those moments are gained from the experience of the events happening around me. I have been a “Jack of All Trades” in this life time.

My personal resume includes working for Macy’s in a Ralf Lauren Polo sub store, and at Macy’s SF on the main floor. Life is more than beautiful people, I once held a job installing 20″ diameter underground pipelines, which is a nice way of saying I have dug ditches for a living.

I have spent 4 fire seasons as a US Forest Service hand crewman. This included about 14 months of living in a sleeping bag in a tent on the ground. I have fought forest fires in Oregon, Northern & Southern Cali, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana & Nevada. That experience motivated me to work for Franklin Templeton which was my introduction to the Capital Markets.

It was my experience with glass ceilings in Corp America at E-Trade that motivated me to co-launch DYDD Capital LLC. In 2006, Forbes designated me the top stock picker of 2005. During the crash of 2008, I was the portfolio manager of two hedge funds. My two funds both returned double-digit positive results.

Unlike Bernie, I was audited by a real firm each year, and have the trading stubs to prove my trades. I retired to the beach for a sabbatical in 2009, and have never returned in a full time capacity.

I have enjoyed writing for MoneyMorning.com in the past, as their Global Equity specialist. I have been published by The Australian as a counter to their publishing the EU Climate Change Director.

I currently am living in California again, with my wife and kids.

I can be contacted at

Email: jack@jackhbarnes.com


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. bob curran said:

    good luck striking out on your own Jack, i,ve enjoyed your buy,sell and hold many ,many times ,thnx again bob curran

  2. Has your new neuronet site dydd.org been taken down?

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